Spotted Annely Bouma! The most inspiring young woman!


A few weeks ago we showed you one very heart-touching photo of the model Annely Bouma and her soulmate Nick Balcombe. At the time when we talked to her we had no idea that she is one of the young ladies who are nominated for Generation Glamour Awards. There was no surprise for us when we saw her name as part of the list with the nominations. She is an inspiration not only for us but for many other people.  Today we will tell you more about her and after you read the following lines you will find out why she deserves to win the Generation Glamour Awards. She has our full support and you can vote for her here

Annely Bouma (26) was ready for her break through at New York Fashion Week when she lost her boyfriend. Between shows and shoots, she wants to keep working on an online music platform to make his dream come true.

“I didn’t have to do any castings, was exclusively booked for Proenza Schouler and after New York I was supposed to fly to Milan for the Prada show. The days before the first show I was fitting the looks with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (the main designers of Proenza Schouler, ed.), when my boyfriend called me from the hospital. He was hospitalized because of a virus. I canceled the shows and flew straight back to Australia, where he was at the time. Shortly after he passed away.

My boyfriend was everything for me, we were each other’s soul mate as we said. I met him in Australia, where I went backpacking after my studies. Travel was our shared passion. Together we’ve been traveling Southeast Asia. After two years living together in the Netherlands we were planning to move to London for work. It was supposed to be our year, he was a singer songwriter and so close to a record label, he was touring and performing a lot, it would have been my first Fashion Week season.

My life is with ups and downs. The worst thing that could happen to me has happened. I don’t worry as much, there is nothing to worry about anymore. My boyfriend was the most positive person I knew, I try to hold on to that feeling. Work is the best distraction. Young models abroad are often counting down the days until they can go home. I’m trying to live in the now and to enjoy each day.

Although the fashion world might be tough, I’ve received an enormous support from my modeling agencies, casting directors and designers. They’ve send flowers, cards and I’ve had many phone calls.

We will work on releasing a new album from all the recorded songs of my boyfriend. It’s hard to listen to his songs, but I do get a lot of strength from his music, specially the lyrics he wrote.
One of his dreams was to make a platform for professional buskers: Often people don’t have small change when they see a good artist playing on the street. He created a website that enables to give money to a street performer through a personal Qr code or to buy their CD. I’d like to achieve this dream for him.


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