Spotted Cynthia Baremans! A life of a model

Today we are going to surprise you once again in a nice way by showing you one more beautiful Dutch model on our spotlight! Her name is Cynthia, she is born and living in the Netherlands and is represented by Euromodels.
At the age of 17 Cynthia was scouted by our own Model Scout Laura Bausch who gave start to many young beautiful faces and helped them to take the road to their modelling journey. Cynthia is one of them and since then our charming Dutchie has done many photo shoots and we are going to show you a few more photos of her. We know they won’t be enough but you can stay tuned and follow her career on Spotted Style and we promise to show you more!  Lately we have seen her for Zeeman, Hunkemoller and Quoins. She also works for Models At Work, which is a fun combination in shoots and working as a model hostess.

Her ambition is huge. Her beautiful smile has been shown at many parts of our globe. But this is not enough! Cynthia loves traveling. Coming January our Spotted Style girl will be going to Cape Town for 3 months, represented by Topco Models. Her agency in London is calling and also Asia is on the top of her list. The first trips outside of The Netherlands she had a hard time speaking English, also because she was shy. But traveling and modelling make you meet so many nice people and you make new friends quickly. She developed many qualities and turned into an independent lady.
Photos By Richard Monsieurs
Being only 1.70m tall is definitely a struggle. It’s not always easy to not take those rejections personally. But Cynthia keeps her head up and shows that even when you don’t have the right hight, the sky is not the limit! The future will hold many great things for her. Cynthia hopes to keep modelling in the future, get many more commercial jobs and of course the ultimate dream would be a publication in Vogue! We hope that all these dreams come true and that we see so much more of this beauty! Follow Cynthia’s modelling life on Spotted Style!

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