Spotted Style meets the stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven!


She is 25years old, born in Rotterdam, now living in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. After 8 years of studying, Denise graduated 2 courses: Graphic Design – Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.

Denise is the classy elegant lady with style wearing a dress, high heels and walking down the street with grace! We met her and spent a few lovely hours with her. The interview continued a bit longer than usual, but there were so many interesting things about Denise and we were curious to hear everything about her Fashion career. After her answer of a question, new ones were following until the end of our meeting.

Our interview started with a few broad questions that helped us to find out what kind of role fashion plays in her life. For Denise fashion is a way to show the world who are you, to stand out in your own way and to be different. Something that she is doing very well. It does not mean to follow fashion trends all the time, but to create your own style and this is something that happens with time. As we already mentioned, Denise was very stylish and we spotted her wearing beautiful jewerly. On her had she had a beautiful ring with a stone in colour that matches her eyes. Her special statement is a set of a ring and necklaces that she got for her birthday from a friend.

Denise spent 8 years working hard for her future and she did 2 courses. She started studying Graphic Design, during her 1st year she had to choose a direction she wanted to go further with and her choice was Fashion and Trends. She learned a lot of technical skills as how to work with a Photoshop and illustrating fashion sketches. She shared with us that it was really difficult but after that she did an internship at AntiChic bag design internship and there she could apply her knowledge and fall in to the deep. At the moment that she started her 1st internship, the company she was working for had a designer that was quitting. This was challenging for Denise because she had to do everything and took big responsibility but this only helped her to develop even more.

After her fist internship, she did a second one at Jade by Jade, woman’s clothing. AntiChic was a bag design. At back design they need three four sign that she designs by hand. She had a talent and she started developing it. Denise took basic classes for drawing and this helped her in the learning process. The people she met during the years of studying were creative, different one and she made a lot of friends.

8years of studying somehow weren’t enough for our spotted stylist, so she did a language course in Nice and Paris. Denise shared that she goes often to Antwerp which is not far from the place where she lives. For her Antwerp is like Little Paris.

 During working and studying Denise created her own style. This year she graduated Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam. There she learned a lot about Interior, Media, Food and Fashion. She had the chance to practice more what she learned in graphic design. She did a case study Dutchess, a brand for woman wear based in Rotterdam and an internship at Imps& Elfs, where she mixed her styling intuition with prints and drawing work.

During her 4th year she had a 4months graduation project. We saw some of her work and what we can say is that this young lady is beyond talented! You can see her Graduation project MUJI , her fashion sketches and all of her work on her webpage


We were curious to find out how the whole styling process goes. Denise chooses the models by herself. She has worked with girls from Touché Model Management and Elite until now. She describes the photo shoot part as a lot of fun. When it comes to her work MUJI- the makeup artist that she worked with knew the brand so they had lots of ideas and it was easy and good to work together in a team.

Being a stylist requires creativity, imagination and inspiration. Denise creates moodboards. She cuts pictures from magazines or uses Photoshop. It helps other people to find out what colours, make up and style does she likes. Having a moodboard is useful if you are looking for an inspiration and wonder where to start from. Other things that inspire our stylist Denise are people on the streets, museums and magazines.

Denise was always into fashion and there was always a stylist in her. Everything that she did had to fit with each other. So she decided to go to Artemis because there was no other thing for her. When it comes to food styling, she learned how to arrange the food and how to make campaigns. Denise prepares for a photo shoot with a good concept, mood boards from which she picks inspiration and does her own thing with it. If you ever have the chance to spot her during a photo shoot, she will be wearing flat shoes and comfortable clothes.

Some of the fashion icons that she admires are Isabel Marant, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and when it comes to jeans her choice will be Acne. Denise’s favourite fragrance is Coco Chanel. Her favorite brands for accessories are Céline and Chloë. 

We asked her what makes somebody beautiful and she said it is the inside and the way of thinking. Denise learned that she has to enjoy every day in life. Things that make her happy are seeing her family, the people she loves being happy and of course her dog Puck!

Denise hopes that the future holds for her more publications with her fashion styling, so here is the first one from Spotted Style with one of her amazing works!



Photographer : Lobke Leijser
Model : Anouk Schouten, De Boekers
Styling : Denise Ruigrok van der Werven

Denise also took part in Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at the end of October. Keep on creating, Denise!

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