Danielle Vroom, Mother on the spotlight!

DanielleToday SPOTTED an example of how to be a great and loving mother! Danielle Vroom, the mother of our Spotted Style girl Melody from Touché Models and two sweet girls Julia and Zonne! The woman who is always there for her kids and is helping them make their dreams come true! No wonder why Melody is one of the spotted girls! With a mother like Danielle by her side, being a lady with class and style is inevitable! We spoke to Melody and she shared with us that Danielle would do everything to make her daughters smile and  when it comes to her model daughter, Mrs Vroom is always preparing delicious model food for Melody and if you follow her on instagram, you will know what we are talking about! Yummmmy!There is nothing stronger than the mother’s love for her child! This great woman was one of the first people who gave us her hand  to help us no matter that we were just strangers, she was ready to support us to make one of our dreams come true  too, like we are one of her kids! Big thank you, Danielle! 

A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous and a mother should be like Danielle Vroom!



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