Model coach in the spotlight! Len Abma!

LenWe are not the only ones having tons of questions about modelling. Like what do you do when you go abroad for the first time all by yourself? Or what if you are struggling with your sizes? We met lovely model coach Len Abma, owner of 100% JIJ Modellencoaching for a nice lunch and asked her tons of questions!

 Len Abma is mother of three gorgeous model daughters Maiken, Bente and Anniek. She noticed that for a lot of teenage models there sometimes is too little guidance. This is where she decided to become a model coach and give models the mental support they need to get the best out of themselves. There’s already lot information about healthy food and exercising. But what if you feel insecure? If people expect you to do stuff you don’t feel comfortable doing? If you want to be better but you don’t know how to achieve that?

It’s so important to feel happy and secure. Your personality is just as important as your looks. And you can only get the very best out of yourself when you feel happy and strong. Len helps models with their questions or just chats on the phone about anything you want to talk about.

Not only is Len there for models, she also coaches their parents. Having a model child is not always easy. Especially for parents of new faces, everything is new. Parents mostly only know the stories they see on TV or hear about in social media. Those stories are not always showing what modelling is exactly like. As a mom of model daughters Len knows exactly what a parent goes through. Of course you can ask questions to an agency, but sometimes it’s just nice to chat with someone from outside, who doesn’t judge, and is objective and gives support. We can see why it’s such a natural for Len to be a model coach. She is a trusty, warm and caring person. We opened up to her from the moment we met. Hopefully we meet again very soon!

 Are you curious about what Len can do for you? Take a look at:

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