Spotted in New York Dorith Mous! The Page Turner!

 Today we have someone very special on the spotlight! Someone that you will remember. Dreaming about New York made us meet the successful Dutch model and artist Dorith Mous! The page turner, the different and provocative one. Whatever we say,  won’t be enough so we will just say Dorith Mous and let you go into her world by reading the interview she gave for Spotted Style! Special thanks to Dorith, it was a pleasure for us!


Nathan Martin Photography

Born in Amsterdam and based in New York City, photographer and artist Dorith Mous was seemingly born into her art – gaining beautiful knowledge of physical form and being able to capture depth from a subject through her own nomadic experience as a fashion model for the past decade. (more…)

Stylist on the spotlight! Denise, the fashion master!

DeniseFashion has always been in our lifes, and style can be seen everywhere around us. While seeking for new people who inspire us, we spotted the young, talented designer and stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven! She graduated Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.  The rising star has already done some amazing work and we are excited and curious to find out more about it! What does it take to be a good stylist? Denise will tell the secret to Spotted Style tonight!


Spotted! Catching dreams by driving the new Renault Twingo car!


You know the great feeling before a road trip, right? We do and we love it! Nadina, Laura and Alies  from Spotted Style and  VOGUE got spotted on the road, driving Twingo!

Throw back to our Journey! The time of open road, full of fun and new ways.
Always telling you someone else’s stories, today we will open our Spotted Style diary and tell you one of ours. Interested to read about our Twingo Journey? We guess so! Read our Spotted Style insider!

Meeting many models in one day can be very challenging, taking in mind that we have only 24hours and sometimes they are not enough so we have to stay and work until late. Loving what we do, meeting new people every day, hearing their stories and making new friends while working is great! But there was a missing piece in our puzzle so the picture wasn’t complete.We only had to find the missing piece how to make our daily life and working at Spotted Style easier. Later on the same day, after the question popped up in our heads, while surfing on one fashion webpage, we spotted our missing puzzle! The new Renault Twingo car! BINGO!

It is all we need! Small, fast, economy car, perfect for city environment, easy to be parked in the center and beautiful looking! Offered in a line of different colors, we chose the blue one! And guess what….Lucky us! At the end of the day the keys of the new Twingo were in the hands of our Spotted Style editor! The fashion, girly car with new beautiful design providing safety joined our Spotted Style family!


Right on time, the next day is Saturday and the 1st day of our Spotted Style Model Tour. We are going visit a few cities in the Netherlands to interview models. Finding new faces and good models is a piece of cake when we have Laura Bausch as a model scout in our Spotted Style team!
It is still Friday and we have to plan and organize everything. Meeting models is already arranged and we have to pack our travelling items. Heading home to do it and after that going to the city center to drive around and try out our new Blue Twingo baby! Packing? Sorry, actually OVERPACKING! But this is why suitcases have wheels nowadays! And this is why we have the Twingo! We did not planned to add one more member to our Spotted Style team, but we couldn’t say no to Twingo! So it happened, love at first sight! Twingo starts working for us fulltime!


The packing process  depends on where you are heading, your personal style and clothes needed for special occasions. We made sure that we remember to took the essentials with us- map, playlist with favorite music, journal and pen, laptops, iPod, sunglasses, cosmetics, reading items (fashion books and magazines) clothes, shoes and finally we will be ready to hit the road! Alarm is set for 8 in the morning and we are more than excited about our Spotted Style Twingo journey!


Saturday, 8am! Time to rise and shine and rule the world! Give us coffee and cheesecake and no one gets hurt!

Our 1st stop is a small boutique cafe in Amsterdam’s city center.

After having our breakfast we are heading to De Pijp to pick up Alies from Vogue. She comes nice dressed as always and 1st thing we spotted was a pair of high heels in pastel colors! We spot fashion dictators of good taste, remember! While checking the map to see which way we have to take to go to Haarlem, we remembered that we have GPS in the car which made our life much easier so we mapped the desired destinations and there we go!


Safe and sound, we arrived are in Haarlem with the Twingo! Picking up  Laura and we are ready to start the interviews! The first meeting is at a lovely cafe in the center of Haarlem. Meanwhile we spotted many nice shops, so we felt obligated to check them and do some shopping! Don’t worry! We did not shop until we drop, because models were waiting. So after fast update of our wardrobes with new must haves for the season, 1st interview is done and it was a lot of fun! After one hour full of positive emotions and contagious laughing, we are excited and enthusiastic to hear the story of the next two models on the spotlight!
Done in Haarlem and heading to Hoofdorp. Today we don’t have to worry about time management because our new Twingo helps us a lot!

carUntil now: the road trip is fun, the models are amazing and we are happy and in love with the car! Heading to Rotterdam! We always stay in touch with our Spotted Style girls and we are happy to meet Monica again! She knows about our love for sweets so she is taking us to a pink pretty place for cakes! Happiness was only a cupcake away!

We finished our last interviews for the day in Amsterdam and added one more spot to our Spotted Style Places guide list. Designer’s clothes, amazing atmosphere and different concept… wondering which one is it? We will tell you soon! 1st day of the modeling tour was a great start of our new adventure full of fun, new people, new emotions and new ways. Meeting everybody made us happy but the new Twingo doubled our happiness! We made the best choice by choosing it and it is time to celebrate! Renault Twingo is fun and life is too short to drive boring cars!


And now new adventure is calling, so we must go!
Pack your things, travel light and go ahead! It’s time for the next road trip!

Special thanks to Maison PR and Renault Netherlands!

Laura Bausch Photography


Accessory details by Artelier



We are showing you one of our favorite jewels of the world collection of Artelier. New York City ring with a hidden map of the subway! Travel the world with Artelier’s collection! Because details matter!

 Artelier’s inspiration comes from memories linked to its travels – to those places that have fascinated Artelier; destinations that have fed the desire to discover more. The World Collection is the link between us all – a universal aesthetic that reflects our shared passion for traveling, design, and art.

Every piece of jewelry from Artelier World Collection will evoke a fantastic, unique story from each individual’s mind – from the sepia-toned stories of our past to the dream-fueled light of our current visions and desires.

Artelier’s latest City Collection is its invitation to share history  in the cities we hold most dear through the expression we know best: artisan crafted jewelry. It is the natural evolution of the World Collection – landing on  love for timeless urban glam, manifested in  wearable works of art.

”Make Fashion Not War” – Chanel, Paris Fashion Week


Karl Lagerfeld surprised us one more time with the last Chanel’s catwalk show in Paris. The head designer and creative director of fashion house Chanel sent famous models Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen and Georgia-May Jagger down the runway, which was transformed into a Paris boulevard. With signs and megaphones in their hands they supported women rights, inspired by Emma Watson’s campaign He for She. A Dutch face was spotted during the runaway fashion show Maartje Verhoef!


The protest began quietly and the whole collection was shown peaceful, without propaganda. At the end of the show top models came out with big signs.  Some of the messages that the models were carrying with them were saying: ” Women’s rights are more then allright”, “Ladies First”, “Make Fashion not War” and “Divorce pour tout.” 


The collection is rich, with a big variety of tones. It shows that Chanel women are free spirited and daring. They are independent, feminine and masculine and do not care about social norms. Wearing Chanel gives you an image of Gabrielle Chanel. You’ll walk the streets with confidence and proudly. Some of the clothes of the collection are inspired on menswear with double-breasted blazers and boxy jackets, cuffed wide-leg trousers and flat boots, remaining feminine with a big palette of colors – pink, orange, purple, green and blue. Some of the clutches had a special message for freedom: “Féministe mais Féminine” and “Make Fashion not War.” A new bag-jacket made it’s first appearance with soft leather handles that allow to be worn over the shoulder or tied around the waist.

SPOTTED STYLE joins in the support of He for She!

Stay tuned!


Be spotted at COTTONCAKE


While wanderlusting and exploring Amsterdam we spotted another unique place that we are adding to our Spotted Style places guide- the COTTONCAKE. The store for designer’s clothes and accessories, soft fabrics, art, different concept, organic food and attention to the detail. It is both a shop and a cafe. Best choice for SPOTTED STYLE, taking in mind that we are fashion addicts and love good coffee! This place is influenced by continuously looking for inspiration and travelling Berlin, Melbourne, London and New York. At COTTONCAKE you will find items that will give you the love-at-first-sight feeling. Full of little treasures and special picks, COTTONCAKE shows you what’s different, that has been found and helps you choose your must haves for the season!


COTTONCAKE has a cozy, lovely atmosphere which makes your shopping experience very pleasant. You can find a whole new outfit for your wardrobe. From edgy festival outfits, a super soft knit, Swedish sunglasses, a good gift, and new designer’s art work, to coffee table books. All the brands in the collection differ every season. COTTENCAKE often travels the world to find new, unique items, and update it’s collection continuously. A few of our favorite brands you might find in store are Samsoe & Samsoe, Storm & Marie, Just Female, Black Lily, One Teaspoon, Gestalten books and Monocrafft.

Inside you’ll find a hang out for your daily coffee shot or a long and lazy brunch with friends. The menu features several breakfast and lunch options, fresh juices and home made cakes. Think of a healthy superfood breakfast smoothie, home made walnut–banana bread or a quinoa and lentil salad – combined with a cappuccino and a fresh apple-kale-lemon juice. Would you like some comfort food? Try the toasted sandwich with vegetables, organic salami and lots of melted Dutch farmer’s cheese. The main part of the menu is vegetarian and gluten free. You can also enjoy some vegan and sugar free options.


COTTONCAKE believes that serving great food starts with using high quality ingredients. The coffee is made using Two For Joy’s super fresh beans, roasted just around the corner in Amsterdam. The sandwiches are served on organic spelt bread from bakery Brood. A ‘tea sommelier’ from Evermore selects our range of teas.

Every six months COTTONCAKE exposes the work of a new, upcoming artist. All works are for sale in the store.


COTTONCAKE – 1E Van Der Helststraat 76-HS – 1072NZ Amsterdam +31 (0) 20 789 58 38