Spotted Style meets Linde Baars from De Boekers!


Last weekend we had an amazing cake date with Linde Baars from De Boekers, full of laugh and positive emotions! The girl placed a big smile on our faces and made us laugh for hours. Linde reminded us that life is full of fun and we should make the best out of every moment. After we met her we just wanted to spend the rest our lives laughing! We don’t know what her secret is, but she is definitely able to make everybody happy when she is around. Linde leaves sparkles where ever she goes and she also left some in us. We call her magic! We talked about life, dreams, love, New York, fashion and all of her hobbies. 

Born and living in Amsterdam, Linde is 15 years old and has been modeling for two years. As a student of the creative school IVKO, she is taking lots of different art classes. What she likes about her school is that it gives her the chance to do different things. This will make it easier to decide what she wants to focus on in her future. School is also the place where Linde finds most of her inspiration. Linde likes drawing and she is doing fashion at IVKO. Here she even learned how to make her own bags and pants. If you spot her on the street she probably will be wearing something casual but she likes to wear one outstanding thing in her outfit. When we met her we noticed her beautiful green scarf and she said it’s her favorite accessory for the season. On her right hand, on her fore finger, she has a thin beautiful ring with a sparkling crystal. Linde is  a real “sweater person” because she likes wearing sweaters. Especially for you Linde, the song of The Neighbourhood – Sweater weather! We know you will like it too!
Modeling became part of Linde’s life and she enjoys it.  She is doing catwalks photo shoots and the last fashion campaign she took part in was for G star Raw – For the Oceans. That lead her to New York, something that she has dreamed of! Linde reminded us that dreams come true! She shared with us about New York and her G star Raw journey! She found out that she is going to New York just a few days before the flight to the USA. Great things happen! She sees the future full of happiness. Doing crazy things when she gets older are part of her „To do list’’. With this magic inside her we are sure that she won’t know boredom!
When she is not busy modeling, Linde likes spending her free time with her boyfriend and best friends. Some of them live outside Amsterdam so she travels a lot by train. She likes doing crazy things like taking part in a tomato fight on Dam Square in Amsterdam. She laughs and says it has been a lot of fun and she imagines her life in the future not in an ordinary and boring way but still having time and desire to do things that really make her laugh. Linde sees life as fun and something to enjoy. Adventure is part of her life. Before she went to New York, she booked a ticket and spontaneously went to Paris to visit Disney Land! And we, from Spotted Style are crazy enough so next time maybe you will spot us together in white shirts throwing tomatoes!
Not only does she rock the drums, also surfing is one of her passions. She went to a surfing camp in Portugal and she surfs in The Netherlands too. She taught her friends how to do it so they can surf together. Our Spotted Style girl likes music and going to concerts. We all know the concert feeling- sing and cry. People know Linde as “the concert girl”, since there is no concert this girl will miss! 
When it comes to haute couture her favorite designer is Elie Saab and she likes the dresses most of all. Don’t be surprised that we spotted her! She is ready to be a fashion dictator! Linde likes the fragrance of Abercrombie and Fitch and especially the male version.  Some of the beauty icons that she admires are Candice  Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes. Doutzen and Linde have even met once! Because Linde’s mom happens to be giving Doutzen’s sister singing classes. And when her sister was performing, Doutzen was sitting right next to Linde at the concert!
Linde says she is an honest person and she says the things the way they are. But no matter what, she will always make you smile! We saw Linde as a peace maker and if she could tell something to the whole world it would be to live in peace.  And after our meeting with her, if Spotted Style could be heard form the whole world, we would say: Fall in love with moment, smile bigger, laugh louder and love harder because life is much better with a smile in our hearts! 
Dare to dream big and make a wish! Linde made us really believe that dreams come true and she has an unforgettable laughter so we are meeting her soon to do something crazy together!
Until then stay tuned and keep laughing!


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