New chapter! Job Schipper in the spotlight!


Photographer Emil Pabon

Always believing that something beautiful is about to happen, we decided to jump in the next adventure. And there it goes…

The new start of Spotted Style met us with Job Schipper from De Boekers! One of the top male models and the first men on our spotlight!  Best start ever, right?  

Somewhere beneath all these layers of masculinity, brain and charm we saw in Job the cheerful boy who was laughing and the real man who was serious and respectful at the same time. Job wins points for his kindness and attitude. He has a small tattoo written close to his heart. Are you wondering what does it says?  ‘’ Let us live as long we live.’’ In other words, we should appreciate everyday that we breathe because it’s not obvious. It’s a gift, so be grateful and make it count!

 Looking at his blue eyes we were curious to find out what is hidden behind them. In his surface is his depth. Who is he under the upper layer? Job on life, work, happiness and family…. We had a talk and he was open and honest. People, who tell all, appeal us. Job is one of those things for which you are wondering ‘’Is this really happening?’’ Yes, it happened.

Stay tuned to find out what happened yesterday! We have a lot to tell and we are happy that we chose Job because people like him are the ones that have to be written about! Do not miss him! To be continued….

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