Strike a pose! New and chic model on the spotlight!


There she goes- Tamar! The other part of the fahsion duo!

16 years old model on the spotlight, born and living in the Netherlands. The girl with the style and attitude in front of the camera! Looking so chic makes us really think that fashion is fun… and it is, especially when it is done by Maud and Tamar! Joie de photo!

For six months Tamar has been modelling at EGO’s models Amsterdam. She didn’t really think about being a model until Maud and she decided to do their first photo shoot together. Working with someone you connect with can be more fun, the endless photo shooting fun! Soon after that the beauty industry noticed her when she went shopping with her mother in Amsterdam and she got scouted by another model agency. Eventually it didn’t work out from the first time but Tamar and Maud didn’t give up and Maud secretly sent pictures of her to lots of agencies. She got invited and went to most of them. In the end Tamar’s decision was to choose Ego’s because they have been very kind and enthusiastic.


Our modern muse Tamar didn’t dream to be part of the fashion world but now she is in. She constantly wants to be bigger and this can be hard because you have to be patient and strong until you get the chance to be discovered or noticed by a designer which is difficult to do by yourself. Modelling and photo shooting can be challenging and you need good discipline to be a successful model. Tamar shared that it is also kind of a lifestyle and you have to be thin and in a good shape all the time which means that sometimes you have to make sacrifices. However, she is happy to do it because she loves being in front of the camera and it is more than obvious that the camera loves her too! Great photo shoots Tamar!
We asked Tamar what is the secret for hers and Maud’s success. They work a lot together and for both of them it is beneficial. Especially in vacations when they both have lots of time. It’s indeed easier with Maud because Tamar always knows precisely what she wants and she can even say what she would prefer.
Their hard work goes hand in hand with lots of FUUUUUUUUN! While photo shooting they always turn up the music really loud and let the magic happen! Maud does everything for the perfect picture and acts out a form of camera sutra which is just really fun to look at.
Outside the camera Tamar is very interested in the medical world. She wants to study medicine and be a plastic surgeon. The idea of making people find themselves beautiful sounds good to her.

And when it comes to fashion … She says fashion is everywhere outside. It’s a way to express yourself and to make a statement. Something that she is doing very well. She loves to overdress and to be different than everybody else by mixing vintage with all kinds of designers. Favourite perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Tamar thinks the flaws of a person can make someone really beautiful. She loves big eyebrows, ears and lips. They just make someone different from everybody else. Looks like both sisters share the same preferences for looks.

The most adventurous thing that she has done happened when she travelled to Madagascar with her family a few years ago. She describes it as amazing. For Tamar never giving up and working hard for everything you want are the keys to success and making her dreams come true. For her, true love is worth fighting for. It’s worth fighting for your family and loved ones, because they will be there for you forever. We questioned her how she sees life and we got the answer:

“It’s impossible to fail, as long as you never quit”

If you can tell something to the whole world what would it be?
You can have anything you want as long as you give up the belief that you cannot have it

Speaking of doubled beauty and talent, we are curious to see how today’s spotted future worldwide model  Tamar and her sister Maud will continue their fashion fairytale…. Stay tuned! 

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