SPOTTED! Carola van Bronswijk’s style

carolaWe spotted the next fashion dictator of good taste in the Netherlands, getting ready for her next trip in Morocco!

This beautiful lady is 25 years old, born and living in The Netherlands.
The right words that describe her are traveller, fashion lover and dreamer! Our SPOTTED chick loves reading, travelling, fashion magazines, online shopping and looking for the best holidays and destinations!

For her Fashion is an expression of yourself and not a reflection of everyone’s expectation of what should be expressed. Her favourite outfit is her black Chanel espadrilles, black skinny jeans, striped tee and her Phillip Lim Pashli medium bag.
For our team was quite difficult to decide which outfit of Carola to show you, because we loved all of them!

Carola never leaves the house without her gold world-cuff from Artelier! It is amazing and we love it! Her all time favourite piece of jewellery and she always wears her watch!
Favourite perfume: Amazing grace from Philosophy and Coco Noir from Chanel.

Carola admires Chiara Ferragni, because she can literally wears anything and she’ll always look good in it. Big inspiration!
We asked her what makes someone beautiful and the answer she gave us is Confidence!

She is most inspired of successful bloggers who travel the world for fashion, since travelling and fashion are her biggest points of interest! She sees the life through her eyes as a blank book where you have to fill the pages, you have to work hard in order to reach your goals!

The most adventurous thing she has ever done is a quad ride through the desert of Egypt. Carola always makes photo albums of her holidays and when she browses through all those photos they always put a smile on her face.

For our fashion lady the most important thing for one girl in order to achieve her aims in life is never aim too high but always to keep your goals realistic. It’s always easy to say that you should only do the things that you love, because sometimes it takes a little longer to get there, just keep the faith, work hard and good things will come your way! Worth fighting for is a job that makes you happy and to make/keep your loved ones happy!

What does the future hold for you?
‘’I hope that I will finally find the dream job that I’ve already been looking for such a long time, and LOTS of travelling!’’

If you can tell something to the whole world what it would be?
‘’Try to be satisfied with the things you have in life, also learn to appreciate the smaller things!’’

THANK YOU, CAROLA! Keep on travelling and exploring!

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